Thursday 11th October


19:00 - 23:00 | £9.00

DIY and Friends Presents:


Live at The Garage, Highbury

Anteros are a four-piece band from London, via Barcelona, where singer and lyricist Laura Hayden grew up with her Spanish father and English mother. She’s now in the English capital fronting a band making smart, sharp guitar pop. They call it “bitter dream pop”; same difference. It will please fans of 1978 new wave (you can tell Hayden’s mum fed her a constant diet of Pretenders and Blondie, although she also loves Stevie Nicks and Gwen Stefani) and 1995 Britpop (bassist and producer Joshua Rumble’s tipple of choice is Blur with a side order of Oasis). Hayden tells us that she wants “to make people dance and have a good time”, but there have been stranger responses to Anteros’s music: at their first gig, at Camden’s Monarch in 2015, a homeless man grabbed the mic from the singer and started telling “the rudest obscene joke, primarily about the Queen and parts of her anatomy”. More usually, they get people humming along and tapping their feet: these songs would slot quite comfortably on a 70s-90s radio station’s playlist next to What Do I Do Now and Kid, Connection and Rhiannon. (The Guardian)

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