Saturday 8th June

Hishek Bishek 14 - featuring Ministry of Dub-key

23:00 - 04:00 | £16.50 advance

featuring Ministry of Dub-key

Journeying through the fascinating and bass-heavy musical landscape of the Middle East’s burgeoning electronic music scenes, Hishek Bishek has emerged as London’s most pulsing underground Arabic party. From cutting-edge pop releases to cheesy classics, killer Mahraganat tracks and hypnotic Dabke remixes from the Levant, Hishek Bishek is back at Garage this time for a night of non-stop bass, mijwiz and beats.


Ministry of Dubkey (MDK) is the crossroads of musical genres in exodus and a cunning homage to the vibrancy of Palestinian Dabke dance and performance. Established in 2009, DJ/Producer Bruno Cruz (DAM) and Performer/MC Walaa Sbait (47Soul) brought their homegrown Dabke Dance and Mijwiz sounds to match with the beats of hip-hop, dancehall and dembow, announcing with it the emergence of their unique Arab-A-Dub style. Bridging the sounds and movements that connect the shores of the Caribbean with the hills of the Galilee, sound system culture meets a late night Palestinian street party – and not a beat is amiss.

On the decks:
– Resident DJ SuperMike from Haifa –
Best known for his seamless blends and nostalgia for the 90s, his sets will take you on a musical journey across the Arab world with a wide range of music including top of the chart Lebanese hits, Syrian Dabke, underground Rai and alternative grooves.

Please note that the nights tend to sell out, so make sure to get your tickets early.

Ages 18+

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