Saturday 27th January

Mechanical Caberet

at thousand island


Since Crossrail demolished so many of London’s venues in the noughties, finding a decent club to go to has been even harder than ever. So, DJs Roi, Komputerdave and Zaira thought they’d do something about it, and the result is a brand new Electronic & cross-genre/gender monthly club-night – Nervous Energy!

Nervous Energy is based at thousand island (formerly Upstairs At The Garage). It’s focused exclusively on ALL genres of electronic dance music, including contemporary and newly emerging styles alongside those from the past five decades since synthesizers entered the hearts and minds of the public at large. including music like:

Electro / Techno / EDM / Synthpop / EBM / Krautrock / Rave / Electroclash / Experimental / Contemporary / Minimal / Prog / Trance / Breakbeat / Electronica / Europop

The debut night also features a live performance from London based post-industrial electro-disco-techno-punks Mechanical Cabaret!

Ages 18+

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