Saturday 8th December

at thousand island

23.00 - 04.00 | £3 / £5 / £7

This is the Resurrection of the glorious 1989-1999 era of Indie, Madchester & Britpop! 

 Think Stone Roses, Oasis, Primal Scream, Pulp, Happy Mondays, Sleeper, Flowered Up, Supergrass, James and so many more bands from the greatest era of Indie music.  

Cast your mind back to the amazing memories of seeing these bands for the first time, partying to the unrivalled energy and atmosphere at the famous clubnights up and down the country.  

 We have decided to recreate those glorious times having promoted the bands and clubnights during that period and lived through this special era of music. 

This is Resurrection, Indie, Madchester, Britpop – 1989-1999. 

 Do You Remember The First Time? 

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