Friday 27th October

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors



As darkness creeps across the land, winters first snow begins to fall and the dead rise the north, we must face one thing before the great war.

That is Halloween, Winter is coming, but halloween is closer.

On Friday October 27th we’re going to party like no red wedding before, because the night is dark and full of terrors.

Let us all look to sins as we divulge into our vice’s, drinking with thieves, dancing with harlots, singing with the dead, for one night only let’s party like we’ve won the rebellion and the eyes of Macumber are due to close.

All are welcome in this land of free cities, be you of the First Men, the Andals, Free Folk, Dothraki, Thens, a King Slayer, Red Priestess, a dancing master, a stone-man, a half man, a white walker (well maybe not you walker kind), a Stark, a Lannister, the burt body of Dickon, the corpse of Rickon, a solider of the Unsullied, Brother of the Watch, a slaver from the bay, one of the thirteen, a smuggler, a pirate, Lady Stone Heart, A member of the golden company, Iron Born or simply a taven wench.

Come one & all, take the thrones, climb the ladder of chaos, drink the blood & await the long winter this halloween.

In other terms, we’re taking over the Garage Islington on Friday October 27th for the ULTIMATE night out, costumes, drinking, dancing, singing and more as we attend ‘The Night is Dark and full of Terrors!


— THE GREATEST IRON THRONE IN BRITAIN, for you all to rightfully inherit (well for a quick snap to two) The Throne designed by Victoria & Adam Maclean is the ORIGINAL and ONLY HBO Celebrated fan made Iron Throne, officially signed by the likes of Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) & more.

— Westeros Decor from the RED-KEEP TO THE WALL (got the reference?), we’re keeping the venue in a real kings landing meets Winterfell condition for one night only; from Crowns to Dragon eggs, Flags, banners & snow, of course.

— Unique & exciting cocktails from the Shadow Lands. (List to be announced)

— Traditional Draft Beer from Bear Island Pyke.
— Toffee Apples Dripped in the blood of my blood
— Sigil Carved Pumpkins
— Dornish wine
— Medieval & GOT Party Games (Pin tale on Drogon)
— Costume Contest to win the 100 Gold Dragons (or £ if you prefer)


Music on the night will early on will feature a mixture of GOT sound track hits, The Rains of Castamere on repeat & some old school classics (we’re talking pre 1600’s) But as the night progresses our DJ’s will take the floor to provide you all, living or dead, with a night of the greatest tunes since The Bear And The Maiden Fair!

Room 1: Disco, Club Classics & Throwback Party anthems to to drink & dance your life away, basically something for the whole of the seven kingdoms.

Room 2: (We may call this the Throne Room) DJ’s will be spinning all things Pop Punk, Rock & Alt Party Hits!

Join us, the dead, the white walkers and possibly the ghost of Ned Stark as we celebrate halloween in the only way we can think of.

The Night Is Dark & Full of Terrors.

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