Saturday 19th January


23:00 - 04:00 | From £5.00 Advance

WonderMania is different to anything else you’ve experienced before, the one and only club on the planet where every single song is a One Hit Wonder!

We take away the superpowers of the music industry and pay tribute to the artists who are remembered for one amazing song and not much else.

Every song is a massive hit, every song is overwhelmingly wonderful and no artist will be repeated. Songs that don’t get played at any other night, but they have their moment in the bright lights of WonderMania…

No back-catalogue songs. All A-list awesome tunes that will make your feet move and body shake, you’ll dance through confetti and enjoy the hit of euphoria as you sing every song from the bottom of your heart and the top of your lungs!

All eras, all genres, all bangers. It truly is an extravaganza, a frenzy, a Mania of One Hit Wonders.

WonderMania… It’s guaranteed you will have the time of your life!

Ages 18+

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